Rob L. Roos

Rob graduated from Amsterdam's Photoacademy in May 2016 on the project 'Male Sexuality ', part of a larger project in which he seeks ways to address sex and sexuality as a normal subject. Taboos still apply to this basic human need preventing people to openly and honestly talk about sex and their sexuality. He believes this leads to frustration and unhappiness which has its destructive effect not only in relationships but on society as well.


His graduation project of which some work is shown on this website showed his own impression and expression of his sexuality. Since the sexual revolution of the 60's women have fought for the freedom and strength of their sexuality while societies perception of hetero man's sexuality hasn't changed much. Rob is convinced that further progress in sexual revolution can only be achieved by hetero men being more aware of, in contact with and enjoying their sexuality, including uncertainties, vulnerabilities and desires.


In general Rob's themes are about hypocrisy and square minds.


Basically he thinks people should celebrate differences more... much more!




Kampen, the Netherlands, 2018




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